Home features many mini-games which can be single player or multiplayer. Users can shop for new items to express themselves more through their avatars or HomeSpace. Home features video screens in many places for advertising, but the main video content is shown at the theatre for entertainment. Home plays host to a variety of special events which range from prize-giving events to entertaining events.

It’s a small glossy sticker that’ll give your console some retro flare. It is easy to install behind the plate and will certainly make your console more unique. If the PlayStation 5’s two-tone design just isn’t your jam, Dbrand crafted a unique solution to help make your console stand out.

Playstation Now: 7

The PlayStation 2 network adapter is an optional accessory for some internet multiplayer compatible games. Although the PS2 Slim had one built in, the PS2 fat network adapter needed to be purchased. The PlayStation 2 VGA cable carries RGBHV video via a VGA connector. It is only compatible with progressive scan games and PS2 Linux. Since the PS2 does not output separate sync, sync on green must be used instead, which may be incompatible with some monitors.

Therefore, you will need a DualShock 4 from the PS4 and/or the PlayStation Move controllers to use PSVR on PS5. Continuing with a focus on exclusives, a host of big-name franchises will come to the PS5 in 2021. New games in the Gran Turismo, Horizon, God of War and Ratchet & Clank series are announced.


“Specialty peripherals, such as officially licensed racing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight sticks, will work with PS5 games and supported PS4 games. I’m eager to see how many games end up really using the new DualSense features. If you want more PS5 games storage you will need to use the special bay for extra storage and buy a special NVME storage card.

  • As you’d expect, they are completely wireless and are rechargeable.
  • The very first PS5 game to join PlayStation Plus is Young Horses’ ultra-charming, whimsical first-person adventure Bugsnax!
  • The controller also has strong haptic feedback through voice coil actuators, which together with an improved controller speaker is intended to give better in-game feedback.
  • In response to the televised report, Sony issued a APK First Mobi document criticizing the program’s accuracy and conclusions; specifically that the faults were evidence of a manufacturing defect.
  • ePSXe is currently in final testing and we hope to release a new version very soon.

We would have liked to release a new version today but it isn’t ready yet. You should expect a release of the new version in the following months when the new features are fully implemented. The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the 1.7.0 version.

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