The truth of the matter is that you need to pick a grip that allows your hands to sit neutral on the club. An interlocking grip is where the pinky of your right-hand fits between the index and middle finger of your left hand. This is typically a grip that is used by players with smaller hands to help them feel as though they have control over the golf club. Download Interlocked APK for Android With an interlocking grip, you will feel as though your hands work well together. Sometimes, if a player has too large hands, they may find that the interlocking grip doesn’t allow for enough finger contact on the golf club.

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Overlapping Vs Interlocking Golf Grip

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The thumb of the player’s left hand must be aligned with the lifeline of his/her right hand to get a good grip on the handle of the golf club. At this time there were also changes in the systems that controlled interlockings. In mechanical interlocking plants, a locking bed is constructed, consisting of steel bars forming a grid. The levers that operate switches, derails, signals or other appliances are connected to the bars running in one direction. The challenge facing the signal industry was achieving the same level of safety and reliability that was inherent to purely mechanical systems. An experimental hydro-pneumatic interlocking was installed at the Bound Brook, New Jersey junction of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad and the Lehigh Valley Railroad in 1884.

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If you are new to golf, you have very likely been told to hold the golf club with all ten fingers. This is not bad advice as there are several benefits to the ten-finger golf grip. We have put together some information to try and help you decide between the ten-finger and the interlocking grip.

All have the same obsession with golf tech, equipment updates and avoiding rain on the course. No single grip fits all explanations, and you should try out different grips to see which will be the right one for you. Some players swear by using a reverse grip on the green, stating that it takes the wrists out of the equation and allows for the shoulders to do all of the work. The less moving parts you have on the green, the more consistent you can be. Here is a visual representation of the three most common grips. The thumb of your top hand should point down the shaft and rest within the enclosure of your bottom hand comfortably.

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