To record video in the app itself, first you’ll need to choose your settings using the buttons on the left of the interface. Creatives are using Reels to share tutorials, behind-the-scenes material, sneak peeks at works in progress and before and after videos. Born and raised in Brazil, Manu moved to the U.S. in 2000 right out of college to work for Cartoon Network, where she made an award winning career in creative and strategy. In 2017, Manu started Your Social Team with the mission of helping women entrepreneur and social media managers grow engagement and sales through Instagram without the overwhelm. On the most basic level, Reels is nothing but a clone of TikTok. So it’s only natural that Instagram wouldn’t want to have its platform plagued with its rival platform’s content.

Every time someone mentions you in a reel, you will receive a notification. To manage who can mention you in the caption of their wheel click here. If interested, click here to learn more about Featured reels. As mentioned above, while scrolling down, you may notice that some of the videos are labeled with Featured. These are video clips chosen by Instagram based on criteria like genre, style, and entertainment level. Additionally, you can find reels by a hashtag or certain audio.

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A digital marketing strategy helps your business achieve specific digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media. To provide a better understanding of what they may entail, check out the following list of basic marketing strategies commonly utilized by teams across a range of industries. Depending on the scale of your business, your marketing strategy may include several moving parts, each with different goals. With that said, working on your strategy can become daunting at time. So, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed about your marketing strategy, refer to these three steps to keep you focused on achieving your objectives. Consumers and businesses alike are almost always online and on-the-go — and you want to be able to reach them and observe their behavior where they spend their time.

Your collaboration will now receive an even larger audience than it might have organically. Tag them in posts.Don’t spam them, but giving specific brands shoutouts in your own posts that feature their products can help grab their attention… especially if your audience seems to take notice. We’re going to look at how to create sponsored posts from both the brand side and the influencer side. First, let’s look at how an influencer can create a sponsored post, because it will be on them to do so.

130 Million Instagram Users Tap On Shopping Posts Every Month

Then you can follow the private account, if your account seems interesting, they might accept your follow request. If it’s a public account, you can easily view their stories without letting them know it’s you. So do stories, check them and the first person is the one who you are dm-ing with, the next one is your Instagram stalker.

  • Facebook may reject certain ads that don’t fit their content standards.
  • « Did the bug create this too then? What a lie Instagram » – via Twitter.
  • On any of the Spotlight posts, neither will there be a like counter, nor the option for public comments.
  • It can be a famous quote from someone famous or something you’ve said that has see more hints resonated with your followers.
  • Worse, there’s little attempt to add anything new to the content ecosystem.
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